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Understanding Reality by Understanding Shapes Workshop - 10 March 2024

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2pm to 4pm

We are so excited to bring you an amazing workshop on Sacred Geometry with published author Karen French. 

This workshop will explore five simple geometric shapes that have been used down the centuries as potent symbols and tools for our creative expression across all cultures, particularly when used with sacred intent. Together they make a universal model called The Gateway. Once you appreciate each of the shapes' significance it will change the way you regard them and afford you the opportunity to use them to effect.

First Karen will describe the meaning and purpose of a selection of geometric shapes. Then you will use your body as a temple to experience their effect and potency through Sacred geometry Stances. The session will close with a guided meditation through which you will discover how you view reality.

Please bring your journal, or paper-pad and pencil to make notes - we have some spare note making materials on hand too!

A bit about Karen:

Archetypal symbolism, especially sacred geometry, is Karen L French's passion. Writing books, creating art, providing meditations, talks and designing board games, she enjoys sharing the inherent power of numbers, shapes and colours to effect very personal changes through their use as symbols and tools in spirituality and self-development practices.

Karen has always explored her creative, logical and spiritual aspects. She has a BSc in Mathematics & Management Sciences, MSc Management Sciences. In her early career in international marketing she was published on several occasions. Company and brand development and identity was a particular specialty. Karen regularly speaks to a wide variety of audiences in the UK and USA.

She has devoted over 20 years to research and write international best selling books in The Gateway Series ('Gateway to the Heavens' and 'The Hidden Geometry of Life', Watkins Publishing Ltd) and exploring her transformative artwork. Her intention is to convey the effect of transformative alchemy through art for a personal perceptual experience. Much like yantras and mandalas Karen's artworks are tools for connecting into with your Mind for receiving healing, guidance and inspiration. Transformative alchemical art can even change the viewer in some way, physically, subconsciously, or emotionally.

Instagram, Facebook @karenlfrenchsymbolism


Cancellation Policy: All tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

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