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Cordyceps Militaris 60 Capsules

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Fermented. Full fruiting body. Canadian extract. Made in the UK.

Dosage 1 Capsule Daily. 

Cordyceps were first brought to public attention in the 1990s after the Chinese Olympic team broke 5 world records, which they attributed to cordyceps improving their athletic performance. However, the benefits of cordyceps have been know for centuries beforehand, including:

  • Improved stamina, endurance and respiratory function
  •  Cordyceps increase cellular oxygen absorption by up to 40%
  • Cordyceps improves the functioning of the heart
  • Cordyceps help maintain cholesterol
  • Fitness – increases ATP synthesis, promotes faster energy recovery,reduces fatigue, improves physical function, provides morestamina.
  • Hormones – adrenal thymus, mitochondrial energy.
  • Sexual Function – improves libido in men & women, fights infertility, increases sperm count, increases sperm survival.

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