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Jungle Culture Vegan, Soy, Toasted Coconut Shell Scented Candle

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Jungle Culture’s organic coconut shell candles are naturally scented with exotic essential oils, blended gradually and hand poured into reclaimed coconut shells. Each long lasting candle is microbead and paraben free, and is 100% natural.

They are sourced by Ben Tre at Jungle Culture from the province in Southern Vietnam. Buying natural coconut candles means that less coconuts are burned and more are recycled. It also allows the local villagers to make a much needed second income. 

Jungle Culture also donates 1% of its sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. 

Our candles come packaged in an organic cotton, hand sewn gift bag. They make for a perfect gift for her or him. We also present them in a stunning eco kraft paper gift box to make them both sustainable and easy to wrap.

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