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Kurin Vegan Toothpaste

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At Kurin we believe that nature has all the powerful ingredients you need for a healthy mouth without the use of harmful chemicals. Our formulas use natural ingredients like Xylitol extract from Birch (or Corn) and Lauryl Glucoside from Coconuts. Ingredients that really work at keeping your smile clean and happy. Free from SLS and Fluoride

Our tubes are 100% recyclable as they are made from only one type of plastic, whilst most other toothpaste tubes are made from a laminate of two or more types of plastic, or plastic and aluminium so they can't be recycled. To prepare the tube to be recycled cut the tube open to clean it and then it can be placed in the same recycling as plastic milk bottles. These tubes also use 27% less plastic than the usual laminated plastic toothpaste tubes on the market.

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