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Mrs Gaia Crystal Awareness Workshop (Howlite) 28th April 2024

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We are excited to hold our eleventh 'Mrs Gaia Crystal Awareness Workshop'. Each month we will learn about a new crystal, it's healing properties, how it was formed as well as many other attributes it has. The crystal we will study for this workshop is the amazing Howlite - carved as a mini Dragon head!

Everyone that attends will be gifted their own Dragon Howlite crystal to take home with them after the workshop. This crystal is perfect for the Year of the Dragon and to harness this crystal's energy for clarity of though, wisdom and healing. 

So join us for a lovely Sunday afternoon of crystal chat and learning as well as building month by month your own unique crystal collection. 

A bit about Mrs Gaia (AKA Emma)

Emma has been on a spiritual journey since the age of 11 where she sought to find answers, solace and calm in a hectic world after starting to experience debilitating anxiety and panic attacks. Always wanting to understand the world around her and seek knowledge on life's great mysteries she was lucky enough at the age of 23 to work on Europe's largest esoteric and spiritual event - The Mind Body Spirit Festival in London. In was in this role she met many wonderful teachers from Deepak Chopra, to Marianne Williamson to Deval Premal and Miten to name just a few.

Emma has a passion for alternative healing and helping those around her use their own wisdom and intuition to guide them and find their own answers. In 2015 she met her special soul and life partner - André or (Mr Gaia) and they have been on an amazing roller coaster ride since then embracing life and all it has to offer. In 2022 with Mr Gaia they opened Gaia Health Store to provide a oasis of health and wellbeing products, events and experiences in the heart of Southampton. It is their mission to grow and expand this current space to become a leading health and wellbeing hub in the south of England, helping people to take control of their own health and destiny through the range of products and events they have on offer in store.

Cancellation Policy: Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

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