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Peppermint Foot Cream COSMOS Organic 60ml

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Revive tired feet with this luxurious peppermint cream, leaving your feet feeling beautifully soft and supple. The lightweight cream leaves a powdery freshness on the skin and has a signature footcare essential oil blend of; Peppermint, Lavender and Lemon to sweeten and clarify. 

This scented cream will refresh and soothe, leaving feet feeling energised with a cooling sensation. Treat feet to a stimulating dose of menthol, clinically proven actives, and skin friendly naturals to leave skin feeling uplifted. Pamper yourself morning and night with this aromatic formula, packed with fragrant herbs designed to intensely repair and renew damaged skin. Hard working Olive Leaf and Glycerine work together to deeply moisturise, Gotu Kola increases collagen, and probiotic power strengthens defence. Clinical testing after 3 weeks revealed the triple effect of 26% increased moisturisation, 19% stronger skin barrier, and 14% greater repair. 


Have happy feet, with the skin-friendly psychderm formula working to calm the mind and nervous system as well as deeply nourish. Aromatherapy a neurotransmitter stimulant, promotes immediate wellbeing through the power of smell, and absorbed in the bloodstream. Apply footcare infused with organic ingredients and Aloe Vera an adaptogen that reduces inflammation and soothes the system. 

Feet are beautiful, allow the multiple layers of oils, youth boosters and uplifting natural substances to hydrate and renew.


All skin types. 

Vegan, Vegetarian friendly, and cruelty free.

99% natural origin and 90% organic ingredients. 

Made in England.  


Advanced Naturals:

Gotu Kola - rich in asiatic acid, asiaticoside and madecassic, it's known to increase collagen synthesis and improve the strength of skin providing regenerative and anti-aging properties. The perennial creeping plant grows around the Indian Ocean. 

Phytofuse Renew - the rose of Jericho, or the Desert Rose is an active from this regenerative desert plant that provides intense, long-term moisturisation and a persistent and perceivable sensation of it's skin soothing and smoothing properties. The plant is known for its ability to withstand almost total desiccation for long periods of time, and then fully recover and open up with exposure to water. 

Lactobacillus Ferment - a probiotic that helps maintain the skins natural microbiome and has a soothing and calming effect. Helps to reduce redness and irritation whilst boosting skin's defence from environmental aggressors. 


Cell-Rejuvenating Essential Oils: 

Peppermint - contains menthol which generates a cooling sensation by dilating the blood vessels and stimulating sensory nerve endings. Aromatherapy benefits improve mental function, and relives tension. Extracted by steam distillation from the dark green leaves and purple flowers of the herb. 

Lavender - antimicrobial and soothings properties, it is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and promotes healing of the skin. Aromatherapy benefits improve mood and reduces stress, helping you feel well rested with greater emotional balance. The flowers of the shrub like plant release a beautiful fragrance that quietens the mind and promotes restful sleep.  

Lemon - highly antibacterial, lemon oil is known for its deeply cleansing and brightening effects on the skin and hair. The oil contains alpha-hydroxy-acids, or AHAs that help to break down and exfoliate dead skin cells, revealing fresh new skin. 


Skin Friendly Naturals: 

Olive Leaf extract - helps to boost blood circulation and has purifying, nourishing and anti-aging properties. Smooths and soothes for brighter looking skin.

Aloe Vera - calms, softens, and helps to protect the skin. The clear gel is harvested from the fleshly leaves for the desert plant. 

Sunflower oil - the cold pressed oil is high in anti-oxidant vitamin E, and known to leave the skin hydrated, bright and smooth.

Vitamin E - a powerful antioxidant known for its conditioning properties on the skin. 

Glycerine - a humectant that draws moisture from the air into your skin to keep it hydrated. Very mild with soothing properties. 

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