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Raise Your Vibration to Manifest Your Bliss - 27th April 2024

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If you are curious about healing yourself, or think there is something more to life, or are already on your conscious journey then this workshop is for you! Renowned holistic ‘starseed’ therapist and medical intuitive Sarah Williams will take you on an introductory journey to raising your vibration.

We are pleased to run this introductory workshop every quarter with the seasons and Sarah will share new and updated info at each workshop as she receives more downloaded information on the upgrade we are all going through as humanity. 

This three hour workshop will give you practical tips and tools to help elevate your consciousness and provide a taster to the more in depth courses Sarah holds on this subject.

The workshop will touch upon:

  1. The Chakra Energy System .
  1. The physical upgrade from 3D carbon based human bodies to 5D crystalline frequencies.
  1. Manifesting Bliss and Shifting your Frequency.

Please bring a notepad and pen and an open heart!

Herbal teas will be provided and we can't wait to see you.


More about Sarah Williams of Organic Aromatherapy:

Sarah is a soul reader and interpreter in quantum frequencies, vibrationally, and multi-dimensionally accessing the quantum field /soul patterns of her clients. Sarah can 'see’ the journey of the soul for each person that she tunes into and can do this remotely.

Sarah has also worked all over the world with many shamen, curanderas, high priests and priestesses from around the world ( Bali, Mexico,Tibet). Also working with crystal placements on the leylines and planetary crystal grids.

 Sarah is available for in person or remote healing sessions and you can visit her website here for more information :


Cancellation Policy - Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

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